http broker based on nodejs

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HTTP Broker for IoT based on aedes

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HTTP Broker is based on Ponte project a great work of Matteo Collina but with AEDES core and service REST API for IoT or Internet of Things.


  • Clone this repo. git clone

  • Change directory. cd borokero-http

  • npm install

  • If you running in Development mode, for loading environment variable, it's necessary to change env.sample file name to .env and customize it.

  • Run Example with: npm start

  • for getting the content of a topic {url} use curl http://localhost:3000/resources/hello

  • for Updating a topic {url} use curl -X PUT -d "Hello World" http://localhost:3000/resources/hello

Contributing contributions welcome

Anyone with interest in or experience with the following technologies are encouraged to join the project. And if you fancy it, join the Telegram group here for Devs and say Hello!