Boilerplate sql query system for Node.js using Knex

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import breadfruit from '';




Not really bread. Not really fruit. Just like this package. Some simple helpers on top of knex.


create an instance of breadfruit

const config = {
  client: 'postgresql',
  connection: 'postgres://postgres@localhost:5432/someDatabase',
  pool: { min: 1, max: 7 }

const bread = require('breadfruit')(config);

Browse, Read, Edit, Add, Delete, Raw

const {browse, read, edit, add, del, raw} = require('breadfruit')(config);

//get an array of users, by table, columns, and a filter
const users = await browse('users', ['username', 'user_id'], {active: true});

//get a single user by table, columns, and a filter
const user = await read('users', ['username', 'first_name'], {user_id: 1337});

//edit a user by table, returned columns, updated values, and a filter
const updatedUser = await edit('users', ['username', 'first_name'], {first_name: 'Howard'}, {user_id: 1337});

//add a new user by table, returned columns, and user data
const newUser = await add('users', ['user_id'], {first_name: 'Howard', username: 'howitzer'});

//delete a user by table and a filter
const deleteCount = await del('users', {user_id: 1337});

//perform a raw query
const rows = await raw('select * from users');