Promises with uncaught handling and events

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Mutex Promise

A+ Compliant (and mostly follows ECMA-262) ES6 Promises with a few extra features that can help with debugging :

  • events
  • temporal mutual exclusion
  • uncaught checking
  • creation and chaining call stack

This implementation is primarily designed for testing, and a reasonably readable spec-compliant implementation. Its main intended purpose is as a drop-in replacement for the built-in ES6 implementation when one is developing and debugging

This implementation is not intended to be used in production. As it is itself written in ES6 Javascript meaning,

  • there's already a native Promise class;
  • this would need to be transpiled for backwards compatibility; and, in any case
  • this implementation is not fast compared to others.


$ npm install brianmhunt-mutex-promise


The following events are available:

  • new - a new promise was created
  • reject - a promise was rejected
  • resolve - a promise was resolved
  • uncaught - a rejection not caught
  • trespass - a promise was resolved/rejected outside its mutex

The this of each shall be the promise from which it was thrown.

Register events with e.g.

Promise.on('new', function () { /* this = promise instance */ })

Unregister events with'new', fn)

Temporal mutual exclusion

You can set an identifier that when not strictly equal when promises are chained will result in atrespass event being emitted. For example:

p = new Promise(function () {}).then(function () {})
p.then(function () {})

// This will emit `trespass` twice - once for both `then`'s because they
// are both asynchronously resolved.

The trespass event receives a data argument with two events, like this:

  promiseMutexTo: this.mutexTo,
  mutexId: MutexPromise.mutexId

For a more solid example, consider a testing scenario with Mocha:

beforeEach(function () {
  // Any promises created after this, but before the next `beforeEach` will
  // be in the same mutex period.

after(function () {
  // Catch any promises resolved after testing completes.
  Promise.setMutex('Tests complete')

Promise.on('trespass', function (data) {
  console.error("A promise started in test ", data.promiseMutexTo,
    "was concluded after that test completed, specifically:", data.mutexId)

Uncaught Checking

An uncaught event is raised, following roughly the logic of:

  • A rejection is raised;
  • After a short period of time, no rejection handler has been added (via .then, race or all) that would catch it


Creation and Chaining Call Stack

Each promise instance has a creationStack property, and once resolved or rejected a resolutionStack property.

License & Thanks

© 2016 Brian M Hunt (MIT License)

Thanks to NetPleadings/Conductor for time to work on this!