Duplicate a directory into one or more other paths

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A broccoli plugin that replicates a directory across one or more paths


At the root of your development project type:

npm install broccoli-replicate --save


The signature of the plugin is:

var replicatedTree = replicate(inputTree, [paths], options) { }
  • The inputTree is either a broccoli tree or a string representing a directory which can be converted to a tree
  • The paths array is a series of directories which the tree will be replicated to
  • The options hash is there for future use but has no functional definition currently
  • The replicatedTree output is a broccoli tree which has copies of the input tree replicated the various paths indicates by the paths array

An example of this plugin as it would be in your brocfile.js:

var replicate = require('broccoli-replicate');
var replicated  = replicate('style', ['one','two','three']);

module.exports = replicated;

In the example the style directory would be converted into a broccoli tree, and all files, directories, and subdirectories in this tree would be copied to a /one/*, /two/*, /three/* paths.

Code Documentation

Documentation of the plugin can be found here:


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