Simultaneous sass compiler for Broccoli, using broccoli-sass-source-maps

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With broccoli-sass-source-maps you can only transpile one scss file at a time (by using multiple trees). And because then every operation runs afters the other has finished, this can be very slow. This package transpiles the files simultaneously and therefore has significant performance improvements.

Because broccoli-sass-source-maps is used to compile the files you can use the same set of options as defined there.


var compileSass = require('broccoli-sass-simultaneous');

var outputTree = compileSass(inputTrees, inputToOutputMap, options);
  • inputTrees: An array of trees that act as the include paths for libsass. If you have a single tree, pass [tree].

  • inputToOutputMap: A hash with the inputFile as key and the outputFile as value.

  • options: A hash of options, see broccoli-sass-source-maps.


const compile = require('broccoli-sass-simultaneous');

let tree = compile(
  ['include_dir1', 'include_dir2'],
     'scss/file1.scss': 'css/file1.css'