React live module reload for browserify

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Browserify React Live

This is a browserify transform which works similarly to react-hot-loader. Once you run you app in the browser, it monitors your JavaScript code and only updates the changed component, preserving the state of the application.


npm install browserify-react-live --save-dev

Quick example

git clone
cd browserify-react-live/examples/01\ -\ Basic
npm i && npm start

Run http://localhost:8080 and try updating the component.


Add transform to package.json:

"browserify": {
  "transform": [

or run watchify with transform from the CLI:

watchify -t browserify-react-live components/file.js -o bundles/file.js

Start browserify-patch-server:

node_modules/.bin/browserify-patch-server components/*


Port number

  • Server

    node_modules/.bin/browserify-patch-server components/* -p 8888 # Default is 8081
  • Transform

    watchify -t [ browserify-react-live -p 8888 ] components/file.js -o bundles/file.js # Default is 8080

How it works

browserify-react-live works with browserify-patch-server:

  • browserify-patch-server This part is responsible for watching changes for specified path and compute/broadcast patch. Every time watched files changes, it automatically calculate patch and send it via websocket to client.
  • browserify-react-live transform. Patch browserify's require function to inject Dan Abramov's react-hot-api and websocket client which will wait for server broadcast and apply received patch.

Migration 1.x -> 2.x

  • Now you need to watch files instead of bundle. E.g. components/* instead of dist/bundle.js


  • node > 0.10 or io.js > 2.0