Batch convert CommonJS modules into browser compatible ones

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Batch convert CommonJS modules into a browser compatible package.


npm install -g browsify

CLI Examples

browsify path/file.js >> modules.js
browsify path/to/files/ >> modules.js
browsify ../../relative/path/lib --truncate-prefix ../../relative/path/ >> modules.js
browsify path/to/files/ --namespace objname >> modules.js

For more options.

browsify -h

Using In Code

npm install browsify

then require the processor module..

var processor = require('browsify').processor,
    opts = {}; // ex: {namespae: "foo"}

processor.compile(["file.js", "file2.js"], opts,  function (str) {

Before Running Locally


Use Case Example

browsify lib/foo.js >> modules.js

modules.js looks like:

// browser-require

// for each module
require.define('lib/foo', function (require, module, exports) {
   // actual code defined in lib/foo.js
   module.exports = {
       bar: function () {}

..and in the browser you would require the module as expected.

var foo = require('lib/foo');

..or if there was a --namespace ns specified, you would require it as so.

var foo = ns.require('lib/foo');


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