a binding for the JavaScript Notifications API.

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Note: This project has been forked to follow the new ReScript branding and syntax in a new package available under rescript-notifications. This packackage based on ReasonML syntax will still be maintained for the forseeable future.


This package closely wraps the web Notifications API. It will not include the Notification API Service Worker Additions. Instead, it will be a dependency of the forthcoming bs-service-worker. This package has not been exhaustively tested. Please open issues.


npm install bs-notifications




You'll notice these types often have a generic type parameter 'data. This represents the data property of the NotificationOptions passed into the Notification constructor. It can be any structured clonable type, though, not any type.


This interface is technically considered part of the Service Worker API, but I've included it here instead to break the circular dependency between Service Worker API and Notifications API. In my small universe, bs-service-worker will depend on bs-notifications, one way.


Forthcoming, my first next priority will be using this package in bs-service-worker. I'll post links and snippets here afterwards.


I'm a beginner. I'd be surprised if all of this were definitely right. @ me or send me a PR if you find anything you think I should take a second look at. (Stylistically, though, I'll warn you I'm pretty dug in, at least for now)

For further reading

I strongly recommend you check out my catch-all documentation on my projects. It describes how to get in touch with me if you have any questions, how to contribute code, coordinated disclosure of security vulnerabilities, and more. It will be regularly updated with any information I deem relevant to my side projects.


License available in It's a close adaptation of the Do No Harm license.

If you are concerned about the level of specificity in the license and would like to be issued a license more specific to your use case, please open an issue, and one will be provided.