Simple getter for bt-homehub information

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  import btHomehub from '';



The BT Homehub scraper that you never knew you needed! Currently, only tested on homehub 5.

Getting started

To instantiate the module you can do the following:

var homehub = require('bt-homehub')();

By not passing any variables to the function, it will assume the homehub UI is avaliable at ''

All functions follow a promise structure, for example, to log out connected devices you can use the following:

  .then(x => console.log(x));

Functions currently avaliable are:

homehub.getConnectedDevices(); //Lists all connected device names, their mac addresses and IPs as an object
homehub.getInternetStatus(); //Returns the current internet connection status as a string
homehub.getWifiStatus(); //Returns the current wifi status as a string