Abstract streams to deal with the whole buffered contents.

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Abstract streams to deal with the whole buffered contents.

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bufferstreams abstracts streams to allow you to deal with their whole content in a single buffer when it becomes necessary (by example: a legacy library that do not support streams).

It is not a good practice, just some glue. Using bufferstreams means:

  • there is no library dealing with streams for your needs
  • you filled an issue to the wrapped library to support streams

bufferstreams can also be used to control the whole stream content in a single point of a streaming pipeline for testing purposes.


Install the npm module:

npm install bufferstreams --save

Then, in your scripts:

var fs = require('fs');
var bufferstreams = require('bufferstreams');

  .pipe(new bufferstreams(function(err, buf, cb) {

    // err will be filled with an error if the piped in stream emits one.
    if(err) {
      throw err;

    // buf will contain the whole piped in stream contents
    buf = Buffer(buf.toString('utf-8').replace('foo', 'bar'));

    // cb is a callback to pass the result back to the piped out stream
    // first argument is an error that will be emitted if any
    // the second argument is the modified buffer
    cb(null, buf);


Note that you can use bufferstreams with the objectMode option. In this case, the given buffer will be an array containing the streamed objects:

new BufferStreams({objectMode: true}, myCallback);


Stream : BufferStreams([options], callback)



Type: Boolean Default value: false

Use if piped in streams are in object mode. In this case, an array of the buffered will be transmitted to the callback function.


bufferstreams inherits of Stream.Duplex, the options are passed to the parent constructor so you can use it's options too.

callback(err, buf, cb)

Type: Function, required.

A function to handle the buffered content.




Feel free to pull your code if you agree with publishing it under the MIT license.