Queue for messages and jobs based on Redis

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The fastest, most reliable, Redis-based distributed queue for Node.
Carefully written for rock solid stability and atomicity.

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Official FrontEnd

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Supercharge your queues with a profesional front end and optional Redis hosting:

  • Get a complete overview of all your queues.
  • Inspect jobs, search, retry, or promote delayed jobs.
  • Metrics and statistics.
  • and many more features.

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$ yarn add bullmq

Add jobs to the queue:

import { Queue } from 'bullmq';

const queue = new Queue('Paint');

queue.add('cars', { color: 'blue' });

Process the jobs in your workers:

import { Worker } from 'bullmq';

const worker = new Worker('Paint', async job => {
  if (job.name === 'cars') {
    await paintCar(job.data.color);

Listen to jobs for completion:

import { QueueEvents } from 'bullmq';

const queueEvents = new QueueEvents('Paint');

queueEvents.on('completed', jobId => {
  console.log('done painting');

queueEvents.on('failed', (jobId, err) => {
  console.error('error painting', err);

This is just scratching the surface, check all the features and more in the official documentation


Thanks for all the contributors that made this library possible, also a special mention to Leon van Kammen that kindly donated his npm bullmq repo.