Stable bidirectional infinite scroll React component

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import bxStableInfiniteScroll from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bx-stable-infinite-scroll';


📜 bx-stable-infinite-scroll


Stable bi-directional infinite scroll React component. Load additional data from both ends of a container while maintaining current view. Used for chat, timeline, feed views.



npm install --save bx-stable-infinite-scroll

# or

yarn add bx-stable-infinite-scroll


Prop Type Description
loadingComponent ReactNode What to display when fetching more data (e.g. <div>Loading...</div>).
nextDataFn () => void Function to fetch next rows.
nextEnd boolean No more next rows to fetch.
nextLoading boolean Fetching next rows.
previousDataFn () => void Function to fetch previous rows.
previousEnd boolean No more previous rows to fetch.
previousLoading boolean Fetching previous rows.
initialReverse ?boolean Indicate whether data will initially be loaded from top or bottom of container. Default true (loading data from top).
children ReactNode Rows to render

See demo code for detailed usage example.

🚨 Use unique keys for children

Make sure the elements you're passing into <BxInfiniteScroll> have unique and consistent keys.

<BxInfiniteScroll {...props}>
  {map(rows, (row) => {
    return <div key={row.id}>{row.content}</div>