A JSDoc theme and plugin collection based on Minami and Loke.

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This project provides JSDoc and a collection of plugin's that we use at C2C Schools, LLC for most of our Node.js projects.

What does it do?

It abbreviates the necessary dependencies for our projects, allowing us to include fewer libraries for our JSDoc generation needs.

Why did we create it?

We wanted a simple way to add JSDoc documentation to all (or most) of our Javascript projects without needing to train each of our developers on the intricacies of JSDoc execution and configuration. Our hope was that this, in turn, would lead to a wider adoption rate of JSDoc in our internal projects.

We also wanted to make our JSDoc output more consistent.


Use NPM to install this library as a devDependency of your project:

$ npm install --save-dev --save-exact c2cs-jsdoc

Basic Usage

Step 1 - Create a JSDoc Config


    "source"        : {
        "include"        : [
        "includePattern" : ".jsquot;,
        "excludePattern" : "(node_modules/|docs)"
    "opts"          : {
        "destination" : "./doc/html/",
        "template"    : "./node_modules/c2cs-jsdoc"

Step 2 - Execute JSDoc

$ cd /path/to/myproject
$ node node_modules/c2cs-jsdoc/node_modules/jsdoc/jsdoc.js --configure conf/docs/html.json

Next Steps

The above example is a minimal implementation. You should, at least, add your documentation generation to an "npm script". More information about that is outlined in the Usage Document.


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