The aim of c3docker is to create a simple means of communication from nodejs to docker and vise versa.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import c3docker from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/c3docker';



The aim of c3docker is to give a simple means of communication from nodejs to docker and vise versa. It will not fork all the docker functionality to nodejs. c3docker is just there for talking.

c3docker uses c3io to transfer data from docker to node and back.


Basic usage

var c3docker = require('c3docker')

c3docker({Cmd: ['/data/simple.js']}).then(function(container) {
    .on('message', function(msg) {
      // input request
      if ( msg.stdin ) {
        // send message [string]
        this.stdin = 'Hello World'
      // stderr stream
      else if ( msg.stderr ) {
        console.log('stderr', msg.toString('utf8'))
      // stdout stream
      else {
        console.log('stdout', msg.toString('utf8'))

  container.start({Binds: [__dirname+':/data']}, function(err, exec) {
    // do stuff
  • dokerode is used to remote control docker. Please refer there for more information to control docker.
  • How the communication works between c3docker and the docker itself please visit c3io.

Firstly c3docker takes some options (see dockerode - createContainer). Then it returns a promise. If successful the requested container will be passed over. With that you can do stuff. Hopefully.

If you want to extend c3docker range of commands you just can do that like this..

c3io.r2d2.kil = function(_data) {
  this.container.kill(function(err) {
    // container killed

use case: casperjs


c3io works only with phatomjs as engine for casperjs. As long slimerjs has not implemented (see issue) system.stdin, this module will only be able to communicate one way, casper to node!

Notice: First run could be slow if its necessary to pull image

... see latter example