Camunda moddle extensions for DMN 1.1

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Build Status

This project defines the Camunda namespace extensions for DMN 1.1 as a moddle descriptor.


Use it together with dmn-moddle to validate Camunda DMN 1.1 extensions.

var DmnModdle = require('dmn-moddle');

var camundaModdle = require('camunda-dmn-moddle/resources/camunda');

var moddle = new DmnModdle({ camunda: camundaModdle });

var decision = moddle.create('dmn:Decision', {
  'historyTimeToLive': 'foo'

Building the Project

To run the test suite that includes XSD schema validation you must have a Java JDK installed and properly exposed through the JAVA_HOME variable.

Execute the test via

npm test

Perform a complete build of the application via

npm run all


Use under the terms of the MIT license.