Wakatime Plugin for the Camunda Modeler

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Wakatime Plugin for the Camunda Modeler

Build Status Compatible with Camunda Modeler version 3.0

How to use

  1. Download and copy this repository into the plugins directory of the Camunda Modeler
  2. Start the Camunda Modeler
  3. When an API-Key is added, the application will start sending activity heartbeats to Wakatime

Due to a current issue (cf. #53) you will have to give the --dangerously-enable-node-integration argument when starting the Camunda Modeler application (step 2) to ensure modeling operations are sending correctly to Wakatime.

Compatibility Notice

Due to the flag loading, this plug-in is compatible with Camunda Modeler v3.0+.


Install dependencies:

npm install

Package plugin to client/client-bundle.js + menu/menu-bundle.js:

npm run bundle

Adding Wakatime API-Key

Before the application will send heartbeats to Wakatime, you will have to add an API-Key inside your local flags.json

    "wakatime-api-key": "YOUR_API_KEY"

or to $WAKATIME_HOME/.wakatime.cfg (likely inside your $HOME directory)

api_key = YOUR_API_KEY



To enable logging different actions + errors to the Camunda Modeler application log, simply add the debug option to your $WAKATIME_HOME/.wakatime.cfg configuration

debug = true

Additional Resources