A few redux helper/utility functions.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  • addListener(selector, store, onChange) - Trigger a call to onChange() when result of selector changes.
  • createAction(type, payloadCreator) - Makes an action creator.
  • createReducer(reducers, defaultState = {}, opts) - Send reducers obj where key is type and value is func with (state, payload) sig. Default opts { actionPick: property('payload'), skipErrors: true, skipNoPayload: false }. This will skip over actions with errors but allow actions with no payload to be sent to the action type reducers. Can pass isInvalidAction() in opts to add some custom checking.
  • mapDispatchToProps(getActions) - getActions func is passed state. Result is passed to bindActionCreators.
  • merge(object, [sources]) - Creates a new object with the result of sources spread over object.
  • noopAction(typeId) - Returns a function that will always return an the exact same object with a type prop set to typeId.
  • fpMerge(source, object) - Curried. Object is 2nd arg.
  • imSet(key, obj, value) - curried. Calls set on object with key and value arguments.
  • set(key, obj, value) - curried. return new object with key set as value on obj. No array support.
  • setIn(arrayPath, obj, value) - curried. Returns new objects created along path until value is set. Uses set internally.
  • thunkAction - Like createSelector but it builds and dispatches an action creator. To dispatch many actions return array from builder function.
  • selectorAction(type, payloadSelector, metaSelector = noop) Uses thunkAction to create an action from selectors.
  • thunkSelectorAction(actionSelector) A selector that returns an action object after it is sent state. Dispatch is called on action.