Simple mock for Apereo CAS server

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Apereo CAS simple server mock

Really simple basic mock for Apereo CAS server. This should not be used in production environment, it is just for test purpose, nothing more.


npm install cas-server-mock


Start a fake CAS server with the following command:

npx cas-server-mock --port=3004 --database=/tmp/users.json


  • --port option The HTTP port the server will listen to (default to 3004)
  • --database The path to the JSON file containing the database of users (see below)

Nb: If process is launched as a sub process it will send a message to its parent process when starting:

{status: 'started'}

CAS users

The database user must be a simple JSON file containing an array of users. Each user must have a name property used to authenticate the user and a attributes property with as many properties as you want. Attributes values must be either Strings or Arrays.

    "name": "user-id", // The id of the user to log with
    "attributes": { // User attributes
      "stringAttribute": "value",
      "arrayAttribute": ["arrayValue"],


Maintainer: Veo-Labs