Script to catch uncommitted/unversioned files, for CI

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A simple sh script to error if you have uncommitted or unversioned files in your current directory.

This is designed to be used in your CI process, if you have some generated build output committed, to ensure that it's up to date. Run your build, then run this script, and it'll fail if there are any new or changed files that appear.

Checks for new files using git, so this won't complain about changed files that are ignored by git. This depends on git being available in your $PATH.

Get started

Install it:

npm install --save-dev catch-uncommitted

Add it to your CI script in package.json:

"scripts": {
    "ci": "npm run build && catch-uncommitted"

Run it:

npm run ci

[... your build here ...]

No unexpected changes, all good.

Extra options


When running catch-uncommitted --catch-no-git, the script will exit without an error when git isn't available. This can be useful when you need to run the same tests in different environments, where some of them do not have git available.


When running catch-uncommitted --skip-node-versionbot-changes, the script will skip checking the package.json & the for changes, so that it can work as part of the balenaCI pipeline.


Custom file exclusions may be set with catch-uncommitted --exclude. This flag can be used in conjunction with other flags. For example, to skip checking a file located at my/file, use catch-uncommitted --exclude=my/file. Multiple files may be set by separating paths with a comma: --exclude=my/file,VERSION.