Makes Chalk even more chill by helping you to simple color markers to the string 🤙

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Chalk with Markers -- for the 💖 of 💄 ASCII art 🤙

I. Love. ASCII. Art. Seriously I can't make a NodeJS CLI or Chatbot without adding a decent splash-screen to it. That's why I love Chalk. But creating those strings got a little too verbose, that's why I created this lib.

const { asciiArtChalker } = require("chalk-with-markers");


b   ______g__  __y____o__    r__ __
b  / ____/g / / /y  _/o /   r/ //_/
b / /   g/ /_/ /y/ /o/ /   r/ ,<   
b/ /___g/ __  /y/ /o/ /___r/ /| |  
b\\____/g_/ /_/y___/o_____/r_/ |_|  


Note: I use the TAAG by patorjk to generate the art.

This lib should just:

  • be light weight & extendable
  • provide readable, non-verbose markers

Text highlight

If you want to highlight text, we use the default chalker like this:

const { chalker } = require("chalk-with-markers");

console.log(chalker.colorize("- Checked status for [y]KeesTalksTech[/], website is [g]online[/]."));
console.log(chalker.colorize("- Checked status for [y]Recipes[/], website is [r]offline[/]."));

It produces:

Default color markings

We have the following:

color HTML name HEX chalker marker asciiArtChalker marker notes
#FF0000 red FF0000 [r] r
#00FF00 lime 00FF00 [g] g
#0080FF light blue 0080FF [b] b
#FFFF00 yellow FFFF00 [y] y
#FF00FF magenta FF00FF [m] m
#00FFFF cyan 00FFFF [c] c
#FFA500 orange FFA500 [o] o
#FFFFFF light violet FFFFFF [p] p
#FFFFFF white FFFFFF [w] w
#000000 black 000000 [k] k
[q] or [/] q resets chalk

Own mappings

Can I make my own markers? Yes, you can!

const { Chalker } = require("chalk-with-markers");
const chalk = require("chalk");

const x = new Chalker();
x.set("[/]", chalk.reset);

[r] X X X X 
[w]  X X X  
[b] X X X X 
[/]         `));

It produces:


Can I extend the mappings? Yes you can!

const { asciiArtChalker } = require("chalk-with-markers");
const chalk = require("chalk");

// global extend:
asciiArtChalker.set("p", chalk.hex("#FFC0CB")); // add HTML pink

// or clone to use extend locally:
const x = asciiArtChalker.clone();
x.set("p", chalk.hex("#FFC0CB")); // add HTML pink