Solid-compatible Panes: Chat

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Solid-compatible chat discussion applet for solid-panes framework

Extracted from the solid-panes monolithic repository.

Do add your wishlists to the issue list for a solid based (safe based etc) chat system. Things other chat systems you ave seen do, Things you can imagine a solid chat system doing because it is linked data, things you think would really help people collaborate

You can build with npm install && npm run build && cd dist && npx serve. You can debug with VSCode + Chrome (see .vscode/launch.json).

Deploy stand-alone

You can deploy this code as a stand-alone Solid app. The way to do that depends on your html-app hosting provider. For instance, to deploy to you would:

git checkout deploy # this branch has dist/ commented out in .gitignore
git merge master
npm ci
npm run build
git add dist/
git commit --no-verify -am"build"
git remote add 5apps
git push 5apps deploy:master