Keep track of your PNRs, without having to visit

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Keep track of your PNRs, without having to visit

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Compatible with Node <0.12.7 only

I am working to make this work in latest versions (Node 4.x). Meanwhile, you can use a Node.js version manager such as nvm or n.


Visiting and logging in and then checking the status of your PNR requires close to 10-15 clicks per PNR and involves entering your username and password. That was simply too much effort for a trivial operation. Using this module, will let you keep track of your PNRs from the terminal without any overhead.


$ npm install --global pnr
$ pnr --help

  Keep track of your PNRs, without having to visit

    $ pnr [input]

    $ pnr
    All PNR statuses retrieved!
    Parsing the recieved data.

   │ from          │ to            │ date          │ status        │
   │ KGP           │ MAS           │ 29-11-2015    │ CNF           │
   │ SRC           │ MAS           │ 16-10-2015    │ Confirmed     │
   │ MAS           │ KGP           │ 2-1-2016      │ W/L1          │
   │ KGP           │ SC            │ 17-10-2015    │ W/L71         │

    $ pnr --add 1234567890

    PNR added! Run pnr -a to check status of all PNRs!

    --add          Add a PNR
    --delete, -d   Delete a PNR
    --all, -a      Show statuses of all the PNRs stored on machine

Known Limitations

  • IRCTC has a daily maintenance shutdown between 2330 and 0030 India Standard Time. This module and any browser page that checks PNR statuses won't work during this time.
  • PNRs that have expired (date is past the travel date will automatically be flushed by IRCTC), and hence won't show up on your results table. But I strongly recommend that you delete the PNR once you have travelled with it. (Keeping it in memory will take up the time that is required to request details from IRCTC as it will also go through the HTML parser and then be omitted.)

CLI Options

pnr --options


No arguments
Type: string

Show the statuses of all the stored PNRs



Type: string of digits

Add a PNR (must be 10-digit string)


Delete a PNR (using a selection element)



  • Required Fix the tests.js module and make it work!
  • Required Have logger integration with debug, verbose, info levels. Provide functionality to users to run the command with verbose option.
  • Medium Store the recieved data in a JSON and show it during the maintenance hours of IRCTC.
  • Long term Use the JSON to find the expiry date of each PNR and delete PNR from system after the travel date.
  • Always Write more tests!


MIT © Siddharth Kannan