Develop acceptance tests & end-to-end tests with realtime feedback.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import chimpy from '';


Package requires chromedriver to be installed as a dependency in your project.

To install both packages:

npm i --save-dev chimpy chromedriver


The Chimp that you know and love is now being split into two separate projects, both of which are intended to help you deliver higher quality faster.

The first is Chimpy, which will be developed and maintained by TheBrain team. This project will continue evolving and supporting the current thinking behind Chimp 1.x.

The second is Chimp 2.0, which will be developed and maintained by This project will be built from scratch based on the learnings made while using Chimp 1.x in the field.

For more details about this decision, please see the full announcement here.

Access the documentation site here.