CKEditor 5 build for Strapi WYSIWYG editor replacement

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Enhanced build of CKEditor 5 for Strapi

Enhanced build of CKEditor 5 to replace default Strapi WYSIWYG editor.

ckeditor5-build-strapi-wysiwyg sample

👀 Live Demo


  • Enhanced build of CKEditor 5 with more capabilities then Classic Editor build has
  • Extensive set of features for your rich content
  • Automatically upload Inserted images to Strapi Media Library (thanks to ckeditor5-strapi-upload-plugin)
  • Access Strapi Media Library directly from the editor toolbar 🔥

How to try

Check out 👀 live demo where you can test most of the features.

How to try manually

  1. Clone repository and change directory
git clone
cd ckeditor5-build-strapi-wysiwyg
  1. Install dependencies and build CKEditor
npm i
npm run build
  1. Open sample.html in your system browser.

How to use

It's recommended to install to your Strapi strapi-plugin-ckeditor5 plugin that based on this build.

If you want to integrate the build manually examine strapi-plugin-ckeditor5 source code as integration example.

How to add more features to the editor

If you want to see more features in this build feel free to request it in issues or create pull request. Together we will build a comprehensive editor for common needs.


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