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Clay Command Line Tool

Command Line tool to build and Publish Web and Mobile Applications

What is clay

Clay is used to publish pages, apps and content to the web fast and easy.

Clay can also be used to build javascript/html5 apps with a streamlined process that takes advantage of gulp plugins.

How can I use Clay

First setup your project, then use clay and gulp plugin to automate the most repetitive tasks while building apps and finally use Clay to upload the project to the web.

Creating an App

After registering with Clay - create and app using clay create APP_NAME where APP_NAME is the name of your app.

Once you are ready to clay preview your app - it will be available in - where APP_NAME is the name of your app.

Then from your domain - simply create a CNAME record that points to Once that's done you'll be able to run apps from for example.

Gulp and Plugins

Use project to setup your new project.

Gulp is optional and completely under developers control - in the end what Clay does is it gets the contents of the dist folder and uploads it.


Clay is useful to build Salesforce Applications based in Visualforce - it contains a set of plugins to login, run a local server, upload visualforce pages and static resources.

It operates the whole livecycle of the app from development to deployment - apps can be build like regular HTML5/Javascript apps and then published to Salesforce/Salesforce1 as Visualforce Pages.

Use project to setup your new project.



Runs the default Gulp task - is similar as running gulp.

clay preview

Runs the gulp dist task if it exists and then uploads the contents of the dist folder into

The preview adds a _stage suffix to APP_NAME, this is done so we are able to have a staging sharable version.

clay publish

Runs the gulp dist task if it exists and then uploads the contents of the dist folder into

Salesforce Commands

Salesforce commands are similar - just add the salesforce keyword

clay salesforce - starts local development server

clay salesforce publish - published contents of dist folder as visualforce page + static resources

Gulp Tasks

To run a gulp task from Clay - simply type the task name after clay. clay images - just make sure the task's name is not salesforce, preview or publish.

.env file

Every project needs to have a .env file - this file contains project specific information. Here is an example:

Make sure to add the .env file entry to .gitignore file on the projects root.

.env file for Salesforce

When used in Salesforce the .env file also requires the options SF_USERNAME, SF_PASSWORD AND SF_HOST. SF_PASSWORD may include the security token right after the password.