Javascript Library for Salesforce, Visualforce using the Clay for Salesforce Package available in AppExchange

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import clayVfremoting from '';


  • Visualforce Remoting for use in any Javascript Project

** Install npm install clay-vfremoting

** Dependencies Uses KEW, which is a lightweight implementation of Q, Javascript Promises.

Written NODEJS Style. Designed to be used by Clay, but it's real dependency is a Common JS Compiler for the browser like Browserify

** Use var Vfr = require("clay-vfremoting");


METHOD: is the name of Visualforce Controller and Method like ThreevotApi.handleRest or YOUR_CONTROLLER.YOUR_METHOD. For Packages use NAMESPACE.YOUR_CONTROLLER.YOUR_METHOD

OPTIONS: Visualforce Remoting Methods, like escape. Check Visualforce Remoting Doc in the Version of the Visualforce Page.

NULLOK: Tells the system if it's ok for the response to be NULL, if not it will respond with an error

RETURNS: Vfr.send will return a function that can be called with params. This function returns a promise.


var send = Vfr.send( "Math_Controller.addNumbers");

send(1,5) .then( function(result){ result == 6 } ) .fail( function(error){ //Error will be in Salesforce Rest API Error [ { errorCode: "", message: "" } ] })