Transfer files from command line.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Transfer files from command line.

cmd-vortex helps you to send and receive files via command line. Most of the developers like to do all their operation on the command line.

Git is cool , file sharing sites are cool ! But sometimes all we need is a single command that can make you transfer files without making you jump out of terminal.


cmd-vortex is built as a node.js module , which means it can run on all platforms wherever you can run node.

Windows , Linux , Mac ! One app to rule them all.


Step 1

Install node.js which comes with node and npm command lines

Step 2

Open terminal and install it via npm

npm install -g cmd-vortex 

or Install via git

git clone 
cd cmd-vortex
npm install -g


After installing , cmd-vortex will be available as a command line. you have type vortex to access it on the command line.

send a file

vortex send <filename> 

receive a file

vortex receive <key>

send multiple files

vortex send <filename1> <filename2> <filename3> 

receive multiple files

vortex receive <key1> <key2> <key3>


More than welcomed !

Things to be done

  • Sending and receiving directories by compressing it.
  • Write detailed documentation and usage instructions.
  • Write tests.