Carbon intensity of 66 countries and a world average updated to 2020

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  import co2Data from '';



Small library that extracts the average carbon intensity from json requests from the Electricity Map API.

This project reads the api responses and consolidates the results in a single lightweight file that is exported.

24kb / 5kb gzip

Getting started

  • Install the library using npm install co2-data or yarn add co2-data
  • Import the function you want to use:
import { 
    co2Data,      // Raw javascript array with the country iso code and the average carbon intensity 
    getFactor,    // Function to get the average carbon intensity by country code
    getCountries  // List of country codes and sub-codes
} from 'co2-data';

getFactor(co2Data, 'CL'); // Average for Chile: 343.27340406847736
getCountries(); // Array with the ISO code and the name of the countries [{code: 'CL', 'Chile'},...]