coffeelint plugin that handles variables and their scope

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coffeelint plugin that handles variables and their scope. It can detect:

  • attempting to access an undefined variable
  • overwriting or shadowing a variable from an outer scope
  • unused variables and arguments

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Add coffeescope to your project's dependencies

npm install --save coffeescope2

Insert this somewhere into your coffeelint.json file (I like to keep my custom rules at the bottom):

"check_scope": {
    "module": "coffeescope2",
    "level": "warn",
    "environments": ["es5"],
    "globals": {
        "jQuery": true,
        "quot;: true
    "overwrite": true,
    "shadow": true,
    "shadow_builtins": false,
    "shadow_exceptions": ["err", "next"],
    "undefined": true,
    "hoist_local": true,
    "hoist_parent": true,
    "unused_variables": true,
    "unused_arguments": false,
    "unused_classes": true

Full list of options and values

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coffeescope2 is licensed under the MIT license.

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