A kool colur logger

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colur: a kool logger

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All right, it is not that kool, but it is a stylized logger with colors! I needed a simple stylized colur logger for my test’s and other command console activity. PS. This is a node thang.


  • colur(<log-string>, <option>)
  • colur(<log-string>)
  • return -> always returns the stylized logger string


  • <log-string> -> String
    • The string you with to log.
  • <option> -> Object
  • <option>.color -> String
    • Can specify a custom color from the colors library. If you mess up and specify a color that does not exist, then it defaults to the default Green/White color.
  • <option>.stringCaps -> Boolean => true
    • Includes |> and <| start and end caps.
  • <option>.endColor -> Boolean => true
    • Use the end color which is bgBlue.white.bold.
    • Alias: end
  • <option>.startColor -> Boolean => true
    • Use the start color which is also the default color of bgGreen.white.bold.
  • <option>.consoleType -> String
    • Can specify the console type, the default is info.
    • Omit the console part, just include the modifier like error.
  • <option>.strReturn -> Boolean => true
    • Does not invoke console and just returns the stylized logger string.
  • <option>.error -> Boolean => true
    • A preset that sets the console to error and uses the color of bgRed.white.bold


Colur Preview