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complexQueryBuilder - http_build_query of JavaScript

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🔥 http_build_query of JavaScript 🔥

complex-query-builder can be used to mimic the behavior of http_build_query available in PHP. It's useful for building complex Query for WordPress and Other Rest API where data type of array and deeply nested arrays are required.

  • Written on TypeScript.
  • Fully typed and ready for consumption in any JavaScript or TypeScript project.
  • Works on Node, Browser and React Native.

This library uses querystring package for escape characters.

Installation & Usage

For node, react-native or any project where you have dependency management

Install with your favorite package manager.

Using Yarn:

yarn add complex-query-builder

Using NPM:

npm i complex-query-builder

Now you can import specific functions or the factory function from the module using commonjs or esm statements.

TypeScript ESM

import complexQueryBuilder, { QueryObject } from 'complex-query-builder';

JavaScript Require Syntax

const complexQueryBuilder = require('complex-query-builder');

For Browser

Add a script tag with the umd bundle from unpkg or release page.

<script src=""></script>

Now you will have CQB global in your hand with all functions to use!

  const complexQueryBuilder = CQB.complexQueryBuilder;



import complexQueryBuilder, { QueryObject } from 'complex-query-builder';

const query1: QueryObject = {
  page: 10,
  theme: 'dark',
  features: ['view', 'edit', 'notify'],
  highContrast: false,
  date: {
    day: 15,
    month: 12,
    year: 2020,

// output> page=10&theme=dark&features[0]=view&features[1]=edit&features[2]=notify&highContrast=false&date[day]=15&date[month]=12&date[year]=2020

// with parent
console.log(complexQueryBuilder(query1, 'dashboard'));
// output> dashboard[page]=10&dashboard[theme]=dark&dashboard[features][0]=view&dashboard[features][1]=edit&dashboard[features][2]=notify&dashboard[highContrast]=false&dashboard[date][day]=15&dashboard[date][month]=12&dashboard[date][year]=2020


type Primitives = string | number | boolean;

type PrimitivesArray = (Primitives | QueryObject)[];

interface QueryObject {
  [key: string]: Primitives | PrimitivesArray | QueryObject;

const complexQueryBuilder: (
  obj: QueryObject | PrimitivesArray,
  parent?: string | undefined
) => string;


This package is licensed under the MIT License.


Any kind of contribution is welcome. Thanks!