Generate component.json files of your project

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This tool will generate component.json files of your project.


npm install component-extractor


component-extractor -c <path to config file>


The process will first scan the project to search components directories. Is considered a component folder, a folder containing an 'index.js' file. The name of the component is the name of its directory. The process will output a warning message if name collision is detected. Once the list of components is done, the process will search inside javascript file for require statements and use this to generate a component.json file for each components.

You define in the configuration file which directories are scanned and wich directories are extracted.

Configuration file

The configuration file is a json file where you should define 3 lists of path:

  • sourcePaths is a list of directories where component.json files have to be generated.
  • excludePaths is a list of directories to exclude from scanning.
  • externalDependencies is a list of external dependecies with their path and version.

For instance

    "sourcePaths": [
    "excludePaths": [
    "externalDependencies": {
        "async":   { "path": "caolan/async", "components": "0.9.0" },
        "inherit": { "path": "component/inherit", "components": "*" }


  • exclude require that are commented out in javascript code