Tools to support Conflux one-click onboarding

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<script type="module">
  import confluxPortalOnboarding from '';


ConfluxPortal Onboarding

This library is used to help onboard new ConfluxPortal users.


conflux-portal-onboarding is made available as either a CommonJS module, and ES6 module, or an ES5 bundle.

  • ES6 module: import ConfluxPortalOnboarding from 'conflux-portal-onboarding'
  • ES5 module: const ConfluxPortalOnboarding = require('conflux-portal-onboarding')
  • ES5 bundle: dist/conflux-portal-onboarding.bundle.js (this can be included directly in a page)


Minimal example:

const onboarding = new ConfluxPortalOnboarding()

Here is an example of an onboarding button that uses this library:

    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <h1>Sample Dapp</h1>
    <button id='onboard'>Loading...</button>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="./conflux-portal-onboarding.bundle.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
      window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
        const onboarding = new ConfluxPortalOnboarding()
        const onboardButton = document.getElementById('onboard')
        let accounts

        const updateButton = () => {
          if (!ConfluxPortalOnboarding.isConfluxPortalInstalled()) {
            onboardButton.innerText = 'Click here to install ConfluxPortal!'
            onboardButton.onclick = () => {
              onboardButton.innerText = 'Onboarding in progress'
              onboardButton.disabled = true
          } else if (accounts && accounts.length > 0) {
            onboardButton.innerText = 'Connected'
            onboardButton.disabled = true
          } else {
            onboardButton.innerText = 'Connect'
            onboardButton.onclick = async () => {
              await window.conflux.enable()

        if (ConfluxPortalOnboarding.isConfluxPortalInstalled()) {
          window.conflux.on('accountsChanged', (newAccounts) => {
            accounts = newAccounts


Static methods

  • isConfluxPortalInstalled return true if portal is installed
  • openPortalSite open the page in a new tab

Instance methods

  • getDownloadUrl Return a Promise contains the ConfluxPortal download url depending on user's browser and network states
  • startOnboarding Open the page from getDownloadUrl
  • injectFakePortal Inject a fake window.conflux.enable api if portal not installed. calling this api will open a new download page depending on user's browser and network states

About the download url

In order to detect users' network states. Any api involving the download url is async. If the api is a pure function, it will return a promise that resolves to the desired result once the detection finishes. If the api is a function with side effects, the side effects will be executed once the detection finishes. The detection starts when new ConfluxPortalOnboarding() is called.

  • getDownloadUrl is pure function
  • window.conflux.enable and startOnboarding are functions with side effects.