Simple package to handle console output to files

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Simple Node.js package to write application outputs to files.

It works as a default JavaScript Console object, but with special handlers for .log and .error methods, saving output to configured files.

It also treats application fatal errors (uncaughtException), appending error message to file before exiting process.


npm i --save console-files
const logger = require('console-files')

Do the stuff

logger.log('Hello console-files!')

More work to do

logger.error(new Error('Keep calm, it is just a test ;)'))


It's configurable through the following environment variables:

Environment variable Method Default
LOGGER_OUTPUT .log ./logger.out
LOGGER_ERRORS .error ./logger.err

Development and production

console-files checks the NODE_ENV to work differently for production and development modes:

const devMode = process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production'
  • On dev mode it'll output to default console, unless the LOGGER_OUTPUT or LOGGER_FATAL_ERRORS env variable is explicitly set;

  • On production mode it'll output only to files;