common interface for abstracting a console ui

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The goal of this library is to declare a common interface that various node_modules can utilize allowing their UI interactions to be well coordinated and interoperable. This repo provides reference UI and test mock implementations. In theory, an alternate implementation abiding by the describe API could be provided, and the system and all participating libraries would continue to function correctly.


  • unified and pluggable input/output streams for all participants
  • system wide writeLevels enabling ability to easily silence/warn/debug print while abiding by shared configuration
  • unified progress
  • unified CI state (to disable CI unfriendly features such as progress spinners)
  • simple
  • test mock


const UI = require('console-ui')
const ui = new UI({
  inputStream: process.stdin,
  outputStream: process.stdout,
  errorStream: process.stderr,
  writeLevel: 'DEBUG' | 'INFO' | 'WARNING' | 'ERROR',
  ci: true | false

write to output:

ui.write('message', 'ERROR'); // specify  writelevel

write + newline to output:

ui.writeLine('message', 'ERROR'); // specify  writelevel

write + newline to stderr;


write with DEBUG writeLevel


write with INFO writeLevel


write with WARN writeLevel


write a message related to a deprecation

ui.writeDeprecateLine('some message', true | false); // pass boolean as second argument indicating if deprecated or not

write an error nicely (in red) to the console:

  • if error.file || error.filename, nicely print the file name

    • if error.line also nicely print file + line
    • if error.col also nicely print file + line + col
  • if error.message, nicely print it

  • if error.stack, nicely print it


to adjust the writeLevel on the fly:

ui.setWriteLevel('DEBUG' || 'INFO' || 'WARNING' || 'ERROR');

to begin progress spinner \w message (only if INFO writeLevel is visible)


to end progress spinner


to prompt a user, via inquirer

ui.prompt(queryForInquirer, callback);

to query if a given writeLevel is visible:

ui.writeLevelVisible('DEBUG' || 'INFO' || 'WARNING' || 'ERROR'); // => true | false