Update your bower dependencies to their latest version

Usage no npm install needed!

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Update your bower dependencies to their latest version.


npm install -g constable


cd into/bower-project
constable -h

List the latest versions of your main and dev dependencies, as specified by bower list.

constable -l

This will update your bower.json file with the latest package versions.

constable -u

Then, install them with:

bower install


This project is licensed under the ISC license.

Any contributions made to this project are made under the current license.


git clone
cd constable
npm install
npm test

On Windows

While the package itself should run fine in a Windows environment, you might need to use something like msysgit to hack, as a lot of development based scripts reply on unix like sh support.


Current list of contributors.

Any contributions are welcome and appreciated!

All you need to do is submit a Pull Request.

  1. Please consider tests and code quality before submitting.
  2. Please try to keep commits clean, atomic and well explained (for others).


Current issue tracker is on github.

Even if you are uncomfortable with code, an Issue helps!

Code Of Conduct

This project ascribes to CoralineAda's contributor covenant.


In Canada, a constable is defined as:

"The lowest rank in most police services."

Which felt appropriate, given the small nature of this project.

This was also a fun project partly inspired by npm-police.