npm install -g copy-progress

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import copyProgress from '';



CLI Usage


npm install -g copy-progress

Npm 6

If you are using npm version 6 you will also have to install a peer dependency:

npm install -g rxjs@6

It is recommend to update to Npm 7:

npm install -g npm@7


copy-progress -o mySourceFolder -o myDestinationFolder

Copy Example


ETA can be displayed with -e or --eta. This is best used for copying larger files:

copy-progress -o mySourceFolder -o myDestinationFolder -e


By default a file count and a bytes progress bar can be displayed. This can be changed with the --bar or -b argument using either files or bytes:

copy-progress -o mySourceFolder -o myDestinationFolder -b files

Copy Example

copy-progress -o mySourceFolder -o myDestinationFolder -b bytes

Copy Example


| Argument | Alias | Type | Description | |-|-|-|-| | sourceDir | s | string | The source path to copy from. Must be specified if 'glob' is not specified | | glob | g | string | glob pattern to copy. Must be specified if 'sourceDir' is not specified. For example: 'myFolder/*/.js' | | outDir | o | string | folder to copy to. | | concurrentCopy | | number | number of concurrent copy operations to perform. Defaults to 1 | | eta | e | boolean | shows ETA of copy completion. For a lot of small files can be very inaccurate | | bar | b | parsebar | Shows either file count progress bar or bytes progress bar. If omitted both bars show | | help | h | boolean | shows this help guide |

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