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CRACO Config Flex Plugin

CRACO is an easy and comprehensible configuration layer for create-react-app. It allows you to configure things like eslint, babel, and webpack, without using eject.


craco-config-flex-plugin dependency is automatically added to your package.json when you create a new plugin with create-flex-plugin.


To add custom jest or webpack configuration, you can provide jest.config.js and webpack.config.js. If these files exist in the root directory, then your configuration is merged into the default configuration; e.g. merge(defaultConfig, yourConfig).

For more control over the configuration, you can edit the craco.config.js. You will need to use craco.config.js if you need to append changes to the configuration, as opposed to replacing a key completely. For example, to append a new webpack plugin, use config.plugins.push(newPlugin) within your craco.config.js file. Please visit craco documentation for more information.


Make sure to follow the instructions in the main repository to set up the project.

# Install dependencies and link-local packages with each other
cd packages/craco-config-flex-plugin
npx lerna bootstrap

# Run tests
npm test

# To use your local package in a different project
npm link
# then in a different project
npm link craco-config-flex-plugin


Thank you to all the lovely contributors to this project. Please check the main repository to see all contributors.