Adds proper access configuration to your global .yarnrc.yml config file for usage of Artifactory.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Artifactory Access Configuration Utility

This utility automates a correct and secure NPM/Yarn package manager configuration for third-party registries – specifically Artifactory. It does this through a set of questions that eventually result in updated ~/.npmrc and ~/.yarnrc.yml files.

Important Compatibility Note

This CLI creates configuration files for NPM (~/.npmrc) and Yarn 2/Berry (~/.yarnrc.yml).


yarn create artifactory-access-config
npx create-artifactory-access-config

Pro Tip: You can configure default values for the registry and repository key questions via the REGISTRY and REPOSITORY_KEY environment variables. This comes in handy within onboarding guides!

REGISTRY="" REPOSITORY_KEY="npm-virtual" yarn create artifactory-access-config


This CLI tries to apply common best practices for a secure authentication to a third-party registry. Please note that usage of this CLI results in a change to global configuration files residing within your $HOME directory. Be especially careful in case you are sharing your dotfiles!