A cli to instantly bootstrap react, serverless functions and graphql starter kits

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Create Jetstack App

The fastest way to get kickstart a jetstack project is by using create-jetstack-app. This CLI tool instantly generates "jetstacks" or premium starter kits that help you go from project to product in record-breaking time.

To bootstrap an app, run the following command in your terminal:

npx create-jetstack-app my-app --template <template>

(npx comes with npm 5.2+ and higher)


create-jetstack-app requires the following options:

  --template, -t   The react template to bootstrap. 

The output should look like this:

Why use Create Jetstack App?

create-jetstack-app allows you to create a full blown apps in seconds and includes a number of benefits:

  • Instant: Initializing a project takes seconds.
  • React Templates: CJA bootstraps react apps using vite or nextjs templates (e.g. npx create-jetstack-app --template next).

Coming Soon...

Supercharged Jetstacks: Running npx create-jetstack-app (with --supercharged) will setup an entire project with authentication, payments and premium component library built in.