Create a Product kit prototype in one command

Usage no npm install needed!

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The easiest way to get started with a product-kit prototype.

This project will not work if you're not connected to the Cloudflare VPN


yarn create (Yarn 1.0.0+) npx npm (Node 8.x.x+)
1. yarn create prototype my-prototype -r ssh://my-git-remote/ npx create-prototype my-prototype -r ssh://my-git-remote/ npm init prototype my-prototype -r ssh://my-git-remote/
2. cd my-prototype/ cd my-prototype/ cd my-prototype/
3. yarn dev npm run dev npm run dev

What does this do

  • Create a new directory e.g my-prototype
  • Download a fresh copy of product-kit into it.
  • Install all the dependencies
  • Initialise a fresh git repository
  • Add your new remote (if the -r flag is passed when running the command)
  • Create a initial commit