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Create node cli application.

Table of content

  1. Installation
  2. Usage
  3. Development


Option A

You can install by using bin script.

  1. Download file that match you os and cpu in bin
  2. make it execuable by chmod +x <path/to/file>
  3. learn more create-typescript-template-app --help

Option B

Install by yarn or npm

  • Yarn
    1. run yarn create typescript-app <app-name> [option...]
    2. learn more by yarn create typescript-app --help
  • Npm
    1. run npm init typescript-app <app-name> [option...] or npx create-typescript-template-app <app-name> [option...]
    2. learn more by npm init typescript-app --help or npx create-typescript-template-app --help


create-typescript-template-app <app-name...>

Create typescript application.

  app-name  Application name, can be capital, and space name            [string]

  --help           Show help                                           [boolean]
  --version        Show version number                                 [boolean]
  --to-dir, -P     Instead of create in current folder, use this.       [string]
  --space-replace  this replacement will replace spaces           [default: "-"]
  --current, -C    Create application to current folder                 [string]


This generate command contain only 1 javasccript file which is index.js. This use only yargs to create cli, prompts to make prompts command, listr to output result as progress text, mustache to create file templates and pkg to build binary file (which shouldn't be use).

You will have only 3 command possible with yarn or npm

  1. start: which run node index.js
  2. build: which build execuable file in bin folder (separate by os).
  3. deploy: which basically call npm run publish, you might got error when use by yarn