Create Zola-based websites with one command

Usage no npm install needed!

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Quickly initialize a new Zola site. Depends on zola-bin.

Getting Started

With NPM installed, you can quickly setup a new Zola site with the following command:

npx create-zola-site -n {NAME}

This will create a new directory {NAME} and initializes the necessary files in it. Then command npm run dev will start a development server on port 1111 by default.

For existing zola sites

if you already have a existing site, you can add the zola-bin NPM package to make it work same as the one created with create-zola-site.

npm init
npm install zola-bin

And then you can add the following script to your package.json file:

"scripts": {
    "dev": "zola-bin serve --open",
    "build": "zola-bin build",

Note: The site created using this process depends on Node.js and zola-bin, unlike actual template initialized by Zola. But This template will simplify the process of creating, building and deploying a new site.

What is Zola ?

Zola is a static site generator (SSG), similar to Hugo, Pelican, and Jekyll. It is written in Rust and uses the Tera template engine, which is similar to Jinja2, Django templates, Liquid, and Twig. Content is written in CommonMark, a strongly defined, highly compatible specification of Markdown.

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