A cron expression generator for Angular 4+

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A library that helps the user graphically build a CRON expression using Angular 2+. It is a fork of the vincentjames501's angular-cron-gen for AngularJS 1.5+ and claudiuconstantin's [cron-editor(].

The main additions of this fork are support for standard Linux cron expressions (with reduced functionallity given the restrictions of the original format). Also the component was upgraded to support Bootstrap 4+ and Angular 5+.

This project was generated with Angular CLI version 1.6.1. To run the sample app just run npm run start and go to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.


A work-in-progress demo can be found here


  1. Install the npm package:

    $ npm i cron-editor -S
  2. Import the module in your own module:

    import { CronEditorModule } from "cron-editor";
        imports: [..., CronEditorModule],
    export class MyModule {
  3. Use the component in your html code:

    <cron-editor [(cron)]="cronExpression"></cron-editor>
  4. That's it, you're done!


<cron-editor [(cron)]="cronExpression" [options]="cronOptions"></cron-editor>
import { CronOptions } from "cron-editor/cron-editor";

export class MyComponent {
   public cronOptions: CronOptions = {
       formInputClass: 'form-control cron-editor-input',
       formSelectClass: 'form-control cron-editor-select',
       formRadioClass: 'cron-editor-radio',
       formCheckboxClass: 'cron-editor-checkbox',
       defaultTime: "00:00:00",

       hideMinutesTab: false,
       hideHourlyTab: false,
       hideDailyTab: false,
       hideWeeklyTab: false,
       hideMonthlyTab: false,
       hideYearlyTab: false,
       hideAdvancedTab: true,
       hideSpecificWeekDayTab : false,
       hideSpecificMonthWeekTab : false,

       use24HourTime: true,
       hideSeconds: false,

       cronFlavor: "quartz" //standard or quartz


Licensed under the MIT license