A cron expression generator for Angular 2+

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A library that helps the user graphically build a CRON expression using Angular 2+. It is a fork of the vincentjames501's angular-cron-gen for AngularJS 1.5+ and claudiuconstantin's [cron-editor] (

This project was generated with Angular CLI version 1.2.0. To run the sample app just run npm run start and go to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.


A work-in-progress demo can be found here


  1. Install the npm package:

    $ npm i crontab-edit -S
  2. Import the module in your own module:

    import { CronEditorModule } from "crontab-edit/crontab-edit";
        imports: [..., CronEditorModule],
    export class MyModule {
  3. Use the component in your html code:

    <crontab-edit [(cron)]="cronExpression"></crontab-edit>
  4. That's it, you're done!


<crontab-edit [(cron)]="cronExpression" [options]="cronOptions"></crontab-edit>
import { CronOptions } from "crontab-edit/crontab-edit";

export class MyComponent {
   public cronOptions: CronOptions = {
       formInputClass: 'form-control crontab-edit-input',
       formSelectClass: 'form-control crontab-edit-select',
       formRadioClass: 'crontab-edit-radio',
       formCheckboxClass: 'crontab-edit-checkbox',
       defaultTime: "10:00:00",

       hideMinutesTab: false,
       hideHourlyTab: false,
       hideDailyTab: false,
       hideWeeklyTab: false,
       hideMonthlyTab: false,
       hideYearlyTab: false,
       hideAdvancedTab: true,
       use24HourTime: true,
       hideSeconds: false


Licensed under the MIT license