Monitor and verify transactions from a local or remote litecoin/bitcoin/... deamon

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Monitor incoming transactions and validates transactions (based on minimum confirmations). It can connect to litecoind, bitcoind and other equivalent daemon.

It connects to mongodb to save all his data. NodeJS library, and the code is quite clean.


I can provide support to use it or customize it, contact me at : as AT unitech DOT io

Donate at :

LTC : LS8upeXjDbEyGZ4TwYRWdJeUdbnftRMibW

BTC : 1BujZemR8mjUc4zSZTV8UHHQ8mupGTPsfj

Quick example

A little example once you have your litecoind daemon ready (if not go to the chapter How to install litecoind)

var CryptoEngine = require('./');

var ltc1 = new CryptoEngine({
  instance_name : 'LTC1',
  minimum_confirmations : 5,
  refresh_ratio : 2,
  mongo_database : 'mongodb://localhost/devdb4',
  crypto_daemon : {
    host : process.env.LITECOIND_HOST,
    port : process.env.LITECOIND_PORT,
    user : process.env.LITECOIND_USER,
    pass : process.env.LITECOIND_PASS
});'ready', function(infos) {
  console.log('Successfully connected = ', infos);
});'block:new', function(block) {
  console.log('new block', block);
});'transaction:confirmation:new', function(tx) {
  console.log('New confirmation = ', tx);
});'transaction:confirmation:validated', function(tx) {
  console.log('Transaction validated =', tx);
});'transaction:incoming', function(tx) {
  console.log('New transaction incoming = ', tx);

Debug mode

$ DEBUG="crypto:*" node example.js

Events emitted through the channel

  • ready
  • block:new
  • transaction:confirmation:new
  • transaction:confirmation:validated
  • transaction:incoming

How to install litecoind (or equivalent daemon)

First, the basic install (for ubuntu) :

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libdb5.1-dev libdb5.1++-dev libboost-all-dev git
$ git clone
$ cd litecoin/src
$ make -j4 -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP=
$ ne ~/.litecoind/litecoin.conf # cp what litcoind say

Then to make litecoind synchronized faster with the network (minutes instead of days) :

$ sudo apt-get install transmission-cli
$ mkdir dat
$ transmission-cli -w dat
$ xz -d litecoin-bootstrap/bootstrap.dat.xz
$ cp bootstrap.dat ~/.litecoin/

Finally launch it :

$ ./litecoind -daemon -dbcache=1000