Node module for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game State Integration

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import csGamestate from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/cs-gamestate';


CS:GO Game Integration (node.js) npm version

If you don't know what CS:GO Game State Integration is, I suggest you to read up on this article published by Valve in their wiki.


npm install cs-gamestate

Bomb Timer

Valve has released an update on the 17th of December 2015. The event of the bomb being planted is now delayed by a random amount of time. If you subscribe to round.bomb, be aware of this!


const CSGameState = new (require('cs-gamestate'))(3000, ''); // The options (port, host) are optional, these are the defaults

// The events ar being reffered to like objects
// in this case the function will be called whenever 'player.state.health' changes
CSGameState.on('player.state.health', (health, oldValue, data) => {
    // If you need any other information (e.g. money) you can access it in the data object
    // In the case of the players money that would be 'data.player.state.money'
    console.log('Health of', data.player.name, 'has changed from', oldValue, 'to', health);
    // OUTPUT: Health of Hansiiii has changed from 100 to 72

You can also subscribe to any update sent by the client by using

CSGameState.on('<update>', data => {
    // Crunch the data...


You can specify options when calling cs-gamestate like this require('cs-gamesate')(options, port, host)

createServer (true)

If you don't want cs-gamestate to create a server you can set this to false.
You can then later call CSGameState.parse passing an object.



You will need to use this function if you didn't create a server automatically. This can be useful if you don't always want to update the state, but only if certain conditions are met.