Runs cucumber.js in electron

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Runs Cucumber.js in an Electron renderer process. Scenarios have direct access to both a browser DOM and node.js libraries, so they are fast and easy to debug interactively.

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Both Electron and Cucumber.js need to be installed, they are peer dependencies. This gives you the option to choose the version you want to use:

npm install --save-dev electron @cucumber/cucumber @cucumber/electron


Cucumber-electron is a wrapper around Cucumber.js, supporting the same features and command-line options. You should be able to use it on your project without any changes.

Run cucumber-electron like it was Cucumber.js, for example:

npx cucumber-electron ./features/your.feature:123

Interactive Debugging

The --interactive (or -i) command line switch shows a browser window with chrome dev tools and keeps the window open after all features have finished running.

The interactive debugger will halt execution on any debugger statements, or breakpoints you have set in chrome dev tools.