print all received requests as curl's

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curly-express print all received requests as curls.

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Table of Contents


Platform Status

To use library you need to have node and npm installed in your machine:

  • node >=10
  • npm >=6

Package is continuously tested on darwin, linux, win32 platforms. All active and maintenance LTS node releases are supported.


To install the library run the following command

  npm i --save curly-express


This package can be used as middleware. Note that it must be placed after body-parser in order to receive the request body.

Default configuration

In the default configuration, the middleware will print cURL to stdout:

import curl             from 'curly-express';
import express          from 'express';

const app = express();


Advanced usage

You can customize some stuff by importing the factory method:

Customize logger

You can pass your own logger as an optional parameter:

import { cURL }  from 'curly-express';

const curl =  cURL({
    log : console.log


Attach to request

If you need curl in further middlewares, you can do it with optional argument attach:

import { cURL }  from 'curly-express';

const curl =  cURL({
    attach : true

app.use(curl); // check req._curl

it will add curl to _curl property of the request object. If you want to change the property key, use:

const curl =  cURL({
    attach : '_curl_custom_key'


Make the changes to the code and tests. Then commit to your branch. Be sure to follow the commit message conventions. Read Contributing Guidelines for details.