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React API Data Table

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React API Data Table is a simple and custom table with the logical features. You can easily manage your data table by search operation, pagination, page size change, sorting column and render your custom column with your own style. We are made with a core style but you can change everything with your own styles even you can change the icon of the pagination, sorting, changeable position of the pagination/page size with the visible and hide feature, and text renders with different-2 languages. Overall it's flexible with any website, cms, mis etc.

Sample data table

Click below link for react simple data table



React data table requires [ReactJS] v16+ to run.

Install the dependencies

 npm install --save custom-react-data-table

Just import these components...

import DatatableWithApi from "custom-react-data-table";
import 'custom-react-data-table/datatable.corestyle.css';

Either you can import a given style or you can make your own style for this data table.

Usage & Demo code

Just copy paste this code to check all features

import React, { Component } from 'react';

import 'custom-react-data-table/datatable.corestyle.css';
import DatatableWithApi from "custom-react-data-table";

export default class App extends Component {
    state = {
        data: null,
        orgData: null,
        count: 0,
        limit: 10,
        offset: 0,
    componentDidMount() {

    fetchMyAPI = async (limit = this.state.limit, offset = this.state.offset) => {
        let urlobj = { url: `${limit}&offset=${offset}` }
        await fetch(urlobj.url)
            .then((res) => res.json())
            .then((data) => {
                if (data["count"]) {
                    this.setState({ data: data.results, orgData: data.results, count: data.count });

    pageChangeCallback = (page, limit) => {
        let offset = limit * (page - 1);
        this.setState({ limit, offset });
        this.fetchMyAPI(limit, offset);
    filterTableCallback = (searchText) => {
        let sortData = this.state.orgData.filter(el => {
            let searchString = el && ? : "";
            searchString += el && el.url ? "," + el.url : "";
            if (searchString.indexOf(searchText) !== -1) {
                return true;
            return false;
        this.setState({ data: sortData });
    pageSizeCallback = (value) => {
        let limit = value;
        this.setState({ limit });
        this.fetchMyAPI(limit, 0);
    fieldSortingCallback = (field, order) => {
        let SortData = this.state.orgData;
        if (order === "up") {
            SortData.sort((a, b) => {
                if (a[field] > b[field]) {
                    return 1;
                return -1;
        } else {
            SortData.sort((a, b) => {
                if (a[field] > b[field]) {
                    return -1;
                return 1;
        this.setState({ data: SortData });

    render() {

        let tableHeadArray = [
            { title: "", serial: true, thClass: "firstTH" },
            { title: "Name", field: "name", sorting: true, thClass: "secondTH" },
                title: "Url",
                field: "url",
                sorting: true,
                tdStyle: (obj) => {
                    let style = {};
                    if (obj.url.indexOf("1") !== -1) {
                        style = { background: "#ffe047" };
                    return style;
                return: (obj) => {
                    return <a href={`${obj.url}`} target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">{obj.url}</a>;
                title: "Action",
                return: (obj) => {
                    return (
                                onClick={() => console.log("edit obj =", obj)}
                            <button onClick={() => console.log("Delete obj ", obj)}>

        return (
                        title: "पृष्ठ संख्या: ",
                        defaultValue: this.state.limit,
                        pageSizeArr: [10, 20, 50, 100, 250],
                        top: true, bottom: true
                        top: true, bottom: true,
                        doubleLeftImg: "", leftImg: "",
                        rightImg: "", doubleRightImg: "",
                        dleft_tooltip: "first page",
                        left_tooltip: "prev. page",
                        right_tooltip: "next page",
                        dright_tooltip: "last page"
                    showTotalRecord={{ top: true, bottom: true, value: this.state.count }}
                    tableHeadClass={"table head"}
                    tableHeadRowClass={"table rowhead"}
                    tableBodyClass={"table body"}
                    norecordsfound={{ align: "center", title: "no records"}}


Props Object Keys Type Details e.g.
dataArr (mandatory) Array An array of the table data
header (mandatory) Array An array of the table head object
title (mandatory) String Custom table column title "S.No."
serial (optional) Boolean If true show the serial number of the record
field (mandatory) String Data array object keys if data array is [{name:"abc"}{name:"def"}] then field is 'name'
sorting (optional) Boolean If true show the sorting option to related field
thClass (optional) String for th tag class
tdStyle (optional) Callback Function This function is return special case style and record object is an attribute of this function tdStyle: (obj) => { let style = {}; if (obj.url.indexOf("1") !== -1) { style = { background: "#ffe047" }; } return style; }
return (optional) Callback Function This function is return custom design data for a cell and record object is an attribute of this function e.g.1: return: (obj) => {return <a href={${obj.url}}>{obj.url}; } e.g.2: return: (obj) => { return ( <> <button onClick={() => console.log("edit obj =", obj)}>Edit</>);}
pageChangeCallback (mandatory) Function Page change callback
fieldSortingCallback (optional) Function Sorting column callback
filterTableCallback (optional) Function On search filter table callback
pageSizeCallback Function On page size change callback
showPageSize (optional) Object Page size data object
title (optional) String Custom page size title
defaultValue (optional) Integer Page size default value
pageSizeArr (optional) Integer Array Page size array for select page size [10,20,50]
top (optional) Boolean page size on top if true
bottom (optional) Boolean page size on bottom if true
showPagination (optional) Object Pagination data object
top (optional) Boolean Pagination on top if true
bottom (optional) Boolean Pagination on bottom if true
dleft_tooltip (optional) String Double left button tooltip title "first page"
left_tooltip (optional) String Left button tooltip title "previous page"
right_tooltip (optional) String Right button tooltip title "next page"
dright_tooltip (optional) String Double right button tooltip title "last page"
doubleLeftImg (optional) String First page button image/icon url
leftImg (optional) String Previous page image/icon url
rightImg (optional) String Right image/icon url
doubleRightImg (optional) String Right image/icon url
showTotalRecord (mandatory) Object Total record of the table object
top (optional) Boolean Total Records show on top if true
bottom (optional) Boolean Total Records show on bottom if true
value (mandatory) String/Integer Total Records value
norecordsfound (optional) Object show the no records title and align the text { align: "center", title: "no records"}
title (mandatory) String Total Records value
align (optional) String align of the text - center, left and right
tableClass (optional) String Table tag class name
tableHeadClass (optional) String Table head tag class name
tableHeadRowClass (optional) String Table head row class name
tableBodyClass (optional) String Table body class name